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radia #276: I Am A Strange Loop

Radio One 91fm, Dunedin New Zealand

Edited and mixed by Bek Coogan & Torben Tilly from original recordings of the one-hour performance 'I Am A Strange Loop' by Full Fucking Moon on Saturday 20th March 2010 at the Otago Pioneer Woman's Memorial Association, and broadcast live simultaneously on Radio One 89FM and Toroa Radio 1575AM as part of the Blue Oyster Performance Series, Dunedin.
Radio One signal recorded by Gilbert May.
Toroa Radio signal recorded by Hugh Dingwall.
Otago Pioneer Woman's Memorial Association audio recorded by Oliver Of The Sky.

FFM wishes to thank: Sheila Wall and Todd Wall, Kate Anderson, Tom Bell, Hugh Dingwall and Toroa Radio, Violet Faigan and Modern Miss, Edie Stevens and None Gallery, Gilbert May and Radio One, Oliver Of The Sky, Otago Pioneer Woman's Memorial Association, Sally Ann McIntyre, Jaenine Parkinson, The Wright Family. FFM also acknowledges support from Blue Oyster Gallery, Creative New Zealand and Dunedin Fringe Festival.