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Sendung vom 14.03.2011 20:30:

A Tribute to "PI"

A special radio show to celebrate the number "PI"

Students of several schools in Vienna will celebrate the "PI-Day" (14th of March) in a special RADIOBANDE-broadcast.The PI-Day is an inofficial holiday in honour of the mathematical constant PI which expresses the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The date of celebration is due to the first three digits 3,14 ("March 14", which is also Albert Einstein's birthday). All topics and contributions of the broadcast shall refer to PI (e.g. stories, songs and performances concerning the terms "circle", "round", "ring", "orbital", "digits of PI", "formulas of PI" and much more. - You can listen to contributions of students from the First Vienna Bilingual School Wendstattgasse, Bundesgymnasium / High School Theodor Kramer-Straße, Fachmittelschule (Middleschool) Kinzerplatz and Kooperative Mittelschule (Middleschool) Stromstraße.