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MUSIC FOR DREAMDANCERS — Filmbar Jazz / 4th hour

Selected by Ach in Summer 2020 for the Filmbar Café

In March of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Achs Saturday Jazz at The Filmbar Club was closed, as were all the other nightclubs in Vienna. Until today it has not been able to reopen. It looks like the year will be over without the Saturday Jazz DJs being able to play their brilliant selection of music at the Filmbar. Therefore, starting today, every first and third Sunday of the month, we will play a 12-hour DJ set here on Radio Orange. Alexander Ach Schuh presented this set especially in summer 2020 for the days when the Filmbar temporarily reopened as a café with limited opening hours.
The fourth hour features music by Roy Ayers; Tamba Trio; Batida; Pete Escovedo; Calvin Keys; Dale Dennard; Norman Connor; Patti Austin; Caldera; Pete Escovedo; Jasmine; Jasmine feat. Cassandra Wilson; Kamal Abdul Alim.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1) Roy Ayers; LIFELINE (02:50); Polydor PD-1-6108 (1977)
(2) Tamba Trio QUADROS (02:25); album: Tamba, RCA Victor 103.0081. Tamba USA Varig. (1974)
(3) Batida OCEANS BETWEEN US (04:28); album: Batida, Timless Records SJP 200 (1984)
(4) Pete Escovedo; HAVING A GOOD TIME (04:04); album: The Island, Ego Productions EG 001. Vocals: Carl Carrell (1983)
(5) Calvin Keys; AUNT LOVEY (07:23); album: Proceed with Caution, Black Jazz Rec. BJQD 18 (1974)
(6) Dale Dennard; IF YOU CAN LIVE WITH YOURSELF (02:28); 7inch (1979)
(7) Batida (0PRA QUEM QUISER (03:59); album: Batida, Timless Records SJP 200 (1984)
(8) Norman Connor; JUST IMAGINE (03:58); album: You Are My Starship, Buddah Records (1976)
(9) Patti Austin; WE'RE IN LOVE (03:58); album: Havana Candy, CTI Records (1977)
(10) Caldera; OUT OF THE BLUE (04:45); album: Caldera, Capitol ST-11571 (1976)
(11) Pete Escovedo; THE ISLAND (04:28); album: The Island, Ego Productions EG 001. Vocals: Pete Excovedo (1983)
(12) Jasmine; BATIK (04:34); album: Jasmine; West 54, WLW 8007 (1979)
(13) Jasmine feat. Cassandra Wilson; DREAM STREET (02:48); album: Tropical Breeze, Inner City IC 1155 (1981)
(14) Kamal Abdul Alim; BROTHERHOOD (07:34); album: Dance, Stash Rec ST279 (1988)