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Sendung vom 21.03.2021 14:00:

MUSIC FOR DREAMDANCERS — Filmbar Jazz / 10th hour

Selected by Ach in Summer 2020 for the Filmbar Café

In March of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Achs Saturday Jazz at The Filmbar Club was closed, as were all the other nightclubs in Vienna. Until today it has not been able to reopen. It looks like the year will be over without the Saturday Jazz DJs being able to play their brilliant selection of music at the Filmbar. Therefore we play every first and third sunday of the month a part of the 12 hours dj-set here on Radio Orange. Alexander Ach Schuh presented this set especially in summer 2020 for the days when the Filmbar temporarily reopened as a café with limited opening hours.

The tenth hour features music by Eddie Palmieri; Rosalia De Souza; Adriana feat. The Five Corners Quintet; Bobbi Humphrey; Ocho Rios; Wendell Harrison & Phillip Ranelin; Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; Charles Rouse; John Santos & The Machete Ensemble; Trio Da Paz; Mario Rom's Interzone.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

(1) Eddie Palmieri; Vanilla Extract (09:46); album: Vortex (2005)
(2) Rosalia De Souza; Adriana feat. The Five Corners Quintet (07:11); album: Garota Diferente (2004)
(3) Bobbi Humphrey; CHICAGO, DAMN (06:30); album: Black and Blues, Blue Note bN-LA142-G (1974)
(4) Ocho Rios; OUR MEDITERRANEAN HEART (07:49); álbum: ¡Ocho Rios!, Jugoton ULP-2319 (1987)
(5) Wendell Harrison & Phillip Ranelin; WHAT WE NEED (03:58); album: A Message From The Tribe, Tribe Records 3, recorded 1974 (1973)
(6) Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; ANTHENAGIN (06:18); album: Anthenagin, Prestige P10076 (1973)
(7) Charles Rouse; BITCHIN' (07:14); album: Two Is One, Strata East (1974)
(8) John Santos & The Machete Ensemble; Sueno De La Mision (04:00); album: Machetazo! 10 Years On The Edge (1998)
(9) Trio Da Paz; Vera Cruz (05:07); album: Brasil From The Inside (1992)
(10) Mario Rom's Interzone; Jazz Is Disco Music (03:58); ablum: Everything Is Permitted, Laub Records (2015)