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Playlist March 2010/2

NOW ITS DARK March 2010/2(9th/10th March) midnight

In The Beginning...House Music?

1)JOE MONTANA Presents"In The Beginning"(12"/Odyssey Mix/1998/StrictlyRhythm)
2)SYLVIE VARTAN"Disco Queen"(7"/1978)
3)CHER KOMISAR"Disco Circus"(7"/1979/Jupiter)
4)QUEEN + DAVID BOWIE"Under Pressure"(12"/Club 2000 Mix)
5)CHUCK CHISSEL"Possessed"(LP/"If I Had The Chance"/1982)
6)ANGEL MORAES"The Funk Train"(12"/Dub Mix/2000/AudioDeluxe)
7)EON"Basket Case"(12"/Black Coat Mix/1992/VinylSolution)
8)DAVID MORALES Presents THE FACE"Needin U"(12"/Boss Anthem Mix/1998/
9)JAMES PANTS"I Live Inside An Egg"(LP/"Seven Seals"/StoneThrow)
10)HARDFLOOR"Hitchhiker Habits"(Split-12"/"Versus Series 1.5"/2006)
11)BORIS DLUGOSCH Presents BOOOM!"Hold Your Head Up High"(12"/High Up Club
Mix By Mousse T./1997/Realtime)
12)SOLID GROOVE"This Is Sick"(12"/2005/Frontroom)


13)AMANDA LEAR"Blood And Honey"(12"-Version/1977)
14)AMANDA LEAR"Oh Boy"(LP/"Diamonds For Breakfast"/1980)
15)DEAD OR ALIVE"You Spin Me Round(Like A Record)"(12"/Performance Mix/1984)
16)AMERICAN EAGLES"Amore Amore"(LP/"Kokka"/1977/Carrere)
17)DJ HERB L.F."Saturday Night Drive In"(EP/"Weed Garage"/Draft)
18)DAVID BOWIE + TINA TURNER"Tonight"(LP/1984)
19)ROMY HAAG"Catch Me"(7"/1979/Aladin)
20)BIBI ANDERSEN"Girls Will Be Boys"(7"/1980)
21)S.FERGUSON"Last Time Disco"(EP/"Death Of The Diggers"/2003/Ferrispark)
22)FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD"Relax"(12"/Sex Mix #2/1983/ZTT)
23)JAYNE COUNTY"Are You A Boy Or A Girl"(LP/"Private Oyster"/1986/Revolver)
24)PATRICK COWLEY"Get A Little"(LP/"Megatron Man"/1981/Megatone)
25)MASTER C&J"When You Hold Me"(2xLP/V.A./"Chicago Trax Vol.1"/Trax-BCM)

So show some respect!!!