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More Pussy Riots

Neues aus der Riot Grrrrl Compilation2

"This is what feminism sounds like" ist die zweite Compilation von Riot Grrrl Berlin. Darauf befindet sich auch DER Song von Pussy Riot "Putin has pissed himself".

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Hilary Allen -> How Are You All Doing Tonight
Sellofan -> I want it now
Violent Vicky -> Come and run
Lena Stoehrfaktor -> Kategorie ich
Stereowoolf -> When I was a baby feminist
Bertha Lutz -> Feminism? Yes please
Los Luna -> Pink Bloc
The Potential Lunatics -> Kool Boyz
Pussy Riot -> Putin has pissed himself
Badkat -> Sticks and Stones
Slutty Hearts -> Helicopter
Samantha Schindler -> Tight Ass (There is no such thing as chivalry)
Mrs Howl -> Yellow Lamp
Ten Tigers -> Super Lucky