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September II


the history in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)MINIMAL MAN"Showtime"(LP/1979)

2)DAVID ROSTAMO"Cultured Dub"(12"/1984)

3)LOVERDE"Die Hard Lover"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

4)NEXY LANTON"You Too"(12"/Atmosphere Mix/1991/YoBro)

5)SILVER CONVENTION"No No Joe"(12"/US Promo Mix/1976)

6)HERMAN KELLY & LIFE"Dance To The Drummer´s Beat"(12"/Mix By Jim Burgess/TK)

7)GONZALEZ"Move To The Music"(Original Version/1979)

8)HOUSE PARADICE"Don´t You Wanna Rock Tonight"(12"/TrackA1/1994/TraxRecords)

9)COSMIC OVERDOSE"Missiles"(1980)

10)CURTIS MAYFIELD"Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here"(LP/OST/"Short Eyes"/1977/Curtom)

11)SPLIT PERSONALITIES"Sorry For Laughing"(MC/"Reminders"/2014/0.5)

12)DK 7"The Difference"(12"/TrackA)

13)N.A.POP 2000"Panic In Your Mind"(1981)

14)PROPAGANDA"Laughed"(LP/"A Wishful Thinking"/Remix/1985/ZTT)

15)GARY NUMAN"Me! I Disconnect From You"(Early Version Den´O)

16)FESTIVAL"High Flying Adored/Rainbow High"(LP/"Evita"/1979/RSO)

17)SPECIAL DELIVERY"Get Up Express Yourself"(Long Version/1978)

18)PARADISE EXPRESS"Nowhere To Run"(LP/"Let´s Fly"/1979/Fantasy)

19)IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS"Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"(12"/Short Version/1978/Stiff)

20)PADDED CELL"Unknown Zone"(12"/2005/DC)

21)ROD STEWART"Da Ya Think I´m Sexy"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

22)GARY CRISS"Rio De Janeiro"(LP/Album Mix By Richie Rivera/1978/Salsoul)

23)ELKIN & NELSON"Jibaro"(12"/Short Version/1974)

24)DANJEL ESPERANZA"Crashkid"(EP/Ron Fatter Remix/2009/Melon)

25)CHILLY"For Your Love"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

26)FLYING LIZARDS"Suzanne"(LP/"Top Ten"/1984/Statik)