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Dancehall Edition

Proudly Present Sr. Wilson & Positive

Expect a great Show with many new relaeses and don't miss the live concert of Meta And The Cornerstones in the Viper Room in Vienna today.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Bionic Clarke - Mr DJ (Prettiest Girl / Eleven Seven Records)
Bionic Clarke - No Worry (Prettiest Girl / Eleven Seven Records)
Positive - Stand And Be Counted (Stand And Be Counted / Fox Fuse)
Positive feat. V. Rose - Scars (Stand And Be Counted / Fox Fuse)
Positive - Identify (Stand And Be Counted / Fox Fuse)
Positive - Lift The Praises (Stand And Be Counted / Fox Fuse)
Positive feat. Jonathan Mc Reynolds - All Over The World (Stand And Be Counted / Fox Fuse)
Sr. Wilson - My Teachers (Paso Firme / Mad91)
Sr. Wilson - Busca (Paso Firme / Mad91)
Sr. Wilson feat. Mellow Mood - World Wide Revolution (Paso Firme / Mad91)
Sr. Wilson - La Verdad (Paso Firme / Mad91)
I Kong - Groovy Feeling (A Little Walk / Fruits Records)
I Kong - Live As One (A Little Walk / Fruits Records)
Anthony Cruz - Mother Daughter (Cruzing / Tads Records)
Anthony Cruz - Money Worries (Cruzing / Tads Records)
Anthony Cruz - A Pound A Day (Cruzing / Tads Records)
Jah Cure - That Girl (The Cure / VP)
Jah Cure - Made In California (The Cure / VP)
Jah Cure - All Of Me (The Cure / VP)
Jah Cure - Rasta (The Cure / VP)
Meta And The Cornerstones - Somewhere In Africa (Forward Music / 54 Soundz Llc)
Meta And The Cornerstones feat. Damian Marley - My Beloved Africa (Ancient Power / Metarize)