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January III


dance music history
promo event "oriental crisp"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)GRACE JONES"Send In The Clowns/What I Did For Love/Tomorrow"(LP/"Portfolio"/

A Tom Moulton Mix/1977)

2)L.U.P.O."Hell Or Heaven"(12"/Remix/1990/LowSpirit)

3)BRICK"Dazz"(Digital Visions Re-Edit)

4)THE AWAY TEAM Ft.GERIDEAU"Our Love"(12"/Lifeforce 2 AM Mix/Republic)

5)GARY´S GANG"Knock Me Out"(DV)

6)TRANCE INDUCTION"Pour Elle"(EP/"Organic Floppy Disco"/1992/DjaxUpBeats)

7)JERMAIN JACKSON"Let´s Get Serious"(DV)

8)GINA LAMOUR"I Yi Yi Yi Yi(I Like You Very Much)"(12"/Mixed By Ian Anthony Stephens/1984/Calibre)

9)THE COMMODORES"Lady(You Bring Me Up")(DV)

10)THE MOVEMENT"Odyssey"(12"/Love Star Discomix/1995/Jus´Trax-JuniorBoy´sOwn)

+ bonus TAKIS "Paris Insanbul" (remix/1988)

11)ACID MASTERS VOL.1"Voodoo Acid"(EP/1991/Requestline)

12)MURRAY HEAD"One Night In Bangkok"(12"/VA/HotTracksVersion)

13)HITHOUSE"Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat"(12"/The First Mix/1989)

14)MARTIN STEVENS"Les Femmes"(LP/"Love Is In The Air"/1978)

15)MARCUS LIFE"Life Will Make You Dance"(12"/Tommy´s Mix Of Life/1995/ClassX)

16)DANTE´S INFERNO"Fire Island"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

17)TEAM FACTOR Ft.KENNY BOBIEN"It Feels Good"(12"/Pasta Boys Main Vocal Mix/2002/StrictlyRhythm)

18)LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY"Catch Me On The Rebound"(Walter Gibbons Mixed With Love 12"-Mix)


20)CLAUDJA BARRY"Sweet Dynamite"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)