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Brothers Sisters

history in dance

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)TEDDY PENDERGRASS"The More I Want"(John Morales M&M Mix)

2)ANTONIA RODRIGUEZ"La Bamba"(Split-12"/Ultimix By Les Massengale)

3)GHOST ACTOR"Acid"(LP/Promo/2013)

4)THE LASER COWBOYS"Radioactivity(From The Ucraine)"(12"/Long Version/1986/ItaloHeat)

5)NU YORICAN SOUL Ft.JOCELYN BROWN"It´s Alright I Feel It"(12"/Live From Da Darkside Of Darkmoon/1997)

6)POSSESSION"Black Dracula"(LP/1978)

7)GLORIA GAYNOR"I Am What I Am"/TECHNOS"Foreign Land"(12"/VA/Ext.Edit By John Brice/HotTracks)

8)LE JETE"La Cage Aux Folles"(12"/Long Version/1983/Megatone)

9)SEBO K Ft.PROSUMER"Moved"(12"/2005/Mobile)

10)DONNA SUMMER & BARBRA STREISAND"Enough Is Enough"(7"-Version/1979/Casablanca)

11)CERAMIC HELLO"Ringing In The Sane"(LP+Bonus/"The Absence Of A Canary"/VinylOnDemand)

12)ROSE LAURENS"Africa(Voodoo Master)"(12"/Long English Version/1983)

13)MICHAEL JACKSON"P.Y.T."(2xEP/VA/"Hot Classics #10"/Digital Mix By Ron Hester)

14)NINA HAGEN"Born In Xixax"(LP/"NunSexMonkRock"/1982)

15)ACID TECH HIGH"Sillycons & Jungletits"(EP/1992/EasyStreet)

16)VISAGE"Look What They´ve Done To Me"(LP/"The Anvil"/1982)

17)RHEINGOLD"Triad Dimensions"(12"/Long Version/1980)

18)ROYAL HOUSE"Party People 92"(12"/Original/Torso)

19)GREATER THAN ONE"Alpha 5"(LP/"G-Force"/Torso)

20)HUMAN PUPPETS"The Sound Of Solitude"(LP/5thFloor/ClearVinyl)

21)YAZOO"Don´t Go"(Special Edit)

22)"Mega Love...Will Always Be First"(Split-12"/Trip2)

23)BOTTIN FRANCISCO & RODION"Zombie Erotic"(12"/2011/Eskimo)

24)ANTIGUA MANAGUA"Giving It All"(EP/"Back To The Future"/1994/CenterStage)

25)LES RITA MITSOUKO"C´Est Comme Ca"(The La La La Dub Remix)

26)NORTY COTTO"Dee Zee"(EP/"Bring Back The Love"/ElectricSparklers)

27)HEAVEN 17"(We Don´t Need This)Fascist Groove Thang"(12"/1981/BEF)

28)THE ART OF NOISE"Beatbox"(2xEP/VA/"Robot Dancing Vol.2"/Re-Edit/NWR)

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