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Oct IV easy to disturb


Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)IV/AN”Crisis/The Magic Of You”(LP/”Self And Selfish”/2016/0.5)
2)DIGITAL ORGASM”Moog Eruption”(12”/Orig.Mix/1991)
3)CLAUDJA BARRY”Trippin On The Moon”(12”/Mix By The Magnifient Kordak)
4)TATA VEGA”Get Up For Love”(John Morales Remix)
5)AMSWERING SERVICE”Call Me Mr.Telephone”(3xLP/VA/”The Best Of Italo-Disco Vol.II”/ZYX)
6)CRYSTAL IN THE PINK”Back To You”(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
7)THE POWER STATION”Some Like It Hot”(12”/Long Version/1985)
8)A TASTE OF HONEY”Boogie Oogie Oogie”(9xLP/VA/”The Hot Classics Limited Edition Box Set”/HotTracks)
9)DURAN DURAN”Carless Memories”(LP/1981)
10)NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN”Tonight I´m Alright”(Extended/1979)
11)PIL”Banging The Door”(LP/”The Flowers Of Romance”/1981)
12)ROSE ROYCE”Car Wash”(Mike & Tess Re-Edit)
13)ICEHOUSE”Hey Little Girl”(12”/Special Club Mix/1982)
14)FLEXI-COWBOYS”Sexy Movie”(12”/Long Version/1984)
15)BAR-KAYS”Sexomatic”(12”/Full Length Version/1984)
16)KAI WARNER”Salsoul Emotion”(LP/”Salsoul Sensation”/1976)
17)CERRONE”Move Me”(Official Video Version)
18)FIERCE RULING DIVA”You Gotta Believe”(12”/Orig.Atomic Slide Mix/1992/React)
19)KIKI GYAN”Disco Dancer”(Ext.Rework)
20)NASH THE SLASH”In A Glass Eye”(LP/”Children Of The Night”/1981/Dindisc)
21)THE MISSION”Raising Cain”(2xLP/”Goth Rock 2”)
22)PLAY DEAD”This Side Of Heaven”(LP/”Company Of Justice”/1983)
23)THE MAXX”Heavy”(12”/Long Version/1990)
24)EON”Live!”(EP/”Component X”/2007/Kracktronik)
25)BRASS CONSTRUCTION”Get Up Get Down”(Two Good ReWork)
26)QUENZO”Break-Out(Don´t Leave Me Baby)”(12”/Long Version/1984)