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Episode 01: Introduction

The first episode of Global Underground with Tristan Bath

For the first episode of Global Underground, Tristan Bath takes you on a quick tour of the world with sounds from Ethiopia to Wales to Thailand...

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Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Mikael Seifu - How To Save a Life (Vector of Eternity) - Ethiopia
Thonghuad Faited - Eua Aree See Sor - Thailand
Alkibar Gignor - Souka Selenam - Mali
HHY & The Macumbas - Isaac, The Throat - Portugal
EEK feat Islam Chipsy - El Bawaba - Egypt
Euros Childs - Bore Da - Wales
Mulllr - ...and Late Rising - Japan
The Last Hurrah!! - The Weight of the Moon - Norway
B. Visible - Numbers - Austria
RSHMTH - Crowded Cars - Austria
DJ Mahinya-hinya - Mavondzo - South Africa
Derek Monypeny - Lazy RIPs - USA