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radia #622: Jubeltöne, Radio Unbroken & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Helen Hahmann and Gregory Whitehead for Radio Corax (Halle, D)

radia #622: Jubeltöne, Radio Unbroken
by Helen Hahmann and Gregory Whitehead for Radio Corax (Halle, D)

The Radio Corax Radia programme presents two radiopieces:

Jubeltöne celebrates the joy to listen deeply to the individual stories of musical instruments: their exultation, their memories and their profound protest. A piece for two zithers played by Helen Hahmann.

Radio Unbroken is a songspiel for Radio Revolten made by Helen Hahmann and Gregory Whitehead. The songspiel uses fragments from the manifestos collected at Radio Revolten, a month-long radio arts festival, which took place in Halle, Germany in October 2016. 

Radio Unbroken is composed from three “songs”:
I     Lover in Revolt
II    The Future of Radio is Dirty
III   Radio Unbroken


DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE präsentiert:
Eine "tierische" Radio Corax Zugabe.

radia #354: Art For Animals
by Ralf Wendt for Radio Corax (Halle, D)

Developed for live-performance in october 2011, inside the festival www.kunstfuertiere.de for zoopark - these files are parts of longer compositions for different beasts in the zoopark. We listen to sounds for elefants, chile-flamngos, Humboldt-penguins, seabears, Degus, Waldrapps- northern bald Ibis, snow-owls, other owls and falcons.

Wendt works in Halle and often due to the human beast or the imagination of zoo-nature and city-nature.