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HOT DISCO NIGHTS Volume 3-The Electric Tabou!

Another portrait of 80ies Dance-Music including styles like
HI-NRG, PostDisco, NewRomance, New Wave,ItaloDisco etc.
1)GARY NUMAN"Airlane"(LP/"The Pleasure Principle"/1979)
2)WAS(NOT WAS)"Wheel Me Out"(12"/Long V./1981)
3)BRONSKI BEAT"Why?"(12"/Ext.V./1984)
4)KRAFTWERK"Electric Cafe"(LP/"Electric Cafe"/1986)
6)KAREN SILVER"I Don´t Wanna Fall In Love Again"(12"/Long
7)MARC ALMOND"You Have"(12"/Long V./1984)
8)BRYAN FERRY"Limbo"(12"/Latin Mix/1988
9)DEPECHE MODE"Black Celebration"(12"/Black Tulip Mix/1986)
10)BILLY IDOL"Hot In The City"(12"/Exterminator Mix/1985)
11)FLIRTS"Danger"(12"/Long V./1983)
12)DURAN DURAN"The Wild Boys"(12"/Wilder Than The Wild Boys
13)APOLLONIA"Since I Fell For You"(12"/Ultimix)
14)CHANGE"Change Of Heart"(12"/Long V./1984)
15)TRANS-X"Nitelife"(12"/Spec.Maxi V./1983)
16)REFLX"Hurt"(12"/Hot Tracks/1984)
17)BOBBY O"How To Pick Up Girls"(12"/Remix/1985)
18)JOHN FOXX"No-One Driving"(LP/"Metamatic"/1980)
19)FAD GADGET"Lady Shave"(LP/"The Fad Gadget Singles"/1986)
20)DEAD OR ALIVE"My Heart Goes Bang"(12"/Re-Edit By
21)EURYTHMICS"Take Your Pain Away"(12"/Ultimix By Les
22)MODERN EON"Euthenics"(LP/"Fiction Tales"/1981)
23)FASHION"Dressed To Kill"(12"/Mix/1982)
24)ULTRAVOX"Ascent On Youth/The Ascent"(LP/"Rage In Eden"/
25)CHARLOTTE McKINNON"You Keep Me Comin´Back"(12"/Club V.)
26)YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA"Computer Game/Firecracker"(LP/79)
27)JOEL PESKIN"Love-Gram"(12"/Long V./1982)
28)LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN"Humatic"(12"/Gentle-Mix/1987)
29)ART OF NOISE"Close To The Edit"(LP/"Who´s Afraid Of The
Art Of Noise?"/1984)
30)YAZOO"Situation"(12"/Dub V./1982)
31)THE VOICE IN FASHION"Only In The Night"(12"/Clubmix/87)
32)DIVINE"Native Love"(12"-Version/1982)
33)SOFT CELL"Memorabilia"(LP/"NonStopEcstaticDancing"/1982)
34)KABBALA"What Love Is"(12"/Long V./1986)
35)POWERWORK(Kraftwerk)"Call Me On The Telephone"(12"/1989)
36)SPANDAU BALLET"The Freeze"(7"/Spec.Mix/1981)
38)JONA LEWIE"Bureaucrats"(7"/1980)

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