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Roots Edition

new releases and upcomming release

Shanti Powa "Til Insanity"
The Nutty Boys "Got Your Dancing Shoes"
Dactah Chandos "Global CityZen"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Let Me See
Music Is Our Weapon
Music Is Our Weapon (Umberto Echo Dub Mix)
Hit You With That
Whatever They Do
Top Of The World
Top Of The world (Umberto Echo Dub Mix)
All tracks from the album "Til Insanity" from Shanti Powa released on Shanti Powa Records / Soulfire Artists (Galileo Music Communication)
Jazz for Skankers
Got Your Dancing Shoes?
Harlem Nocturne
Zero Hero
White Russian
On the Sunny Side of the Street
The Bartender
All tracks from the album "Got Your Dancing Shoes?" from the Nutty Boys released on Hfb-Records (Galileo Music Communication)
Global Citizen
My Way
Ring The Alarm
Children Of Jah
Will Wait
All tracks from the album "Global Cityzen" from Dactah Chando released on Achinech Productions Sl (Galileo Music Communication)