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radia #758: Benjamin. Sounds along the tramway & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Radio Papesse

The early commuters on the florentine tramway are caught off guard by unusual sounds while at the stops and on the rides. Surprise, weirdness and something unexpected in their daily routine make them look at each other and smile, eventually crack a laugh or exchange puzzled remarks.

It is all Benjamin’s fault.

A project by Radio Papesse attempting to transform the waiting time into an imaginary journey and to invite people to get out of the bubble of their own personal devices so to find themselves as part of a moving - even if temporary - community.

This RADIA show is a mix of some of the soundworks that were broadcasted through the tramway speakers from october 3rd to the 6th.

The included sounds are:

π by Giovanni Corona
Borgarfiord in spring by Charo Calvo
A Distanza by Pietro Michi
Affrico. Morte della stagione di mezzo by Maria Pecchioli
3 by Katatonic Silentio
I’ve never heard a Theremin before by Giulio Aldinucci
Quasi casa by La cosa preziosa
Attese :: Attesi by Chelidon Frame
AN by Abo Carcassi
The Piqué sisters by Valeria Muledda
Di passaggio by Luana Lunetta
Notturno by Roberto Paci Dalò
Bus Imaginario by Felix Blume & Chloé Despax
Monastery Goats & Mount Vodno by Toni Dimitrov
Waiting in the wings by Dinah Bird
DAM 0003 by User form PT
Amjad Mood by Giacomo Anichini
Take me home by Radio Continental Drift

More than 40 artists took part in Benjamin | sounds along the tramway, to know more about the project and to listen to the selected pieces: radiopapesse.org


Ein Radio Papesse Double Feature: Radia #489.