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Sendung vom 28.05.2005 19:00:

Roots Edition

... fresh Reggae from yard - hear it first on Orange 94.0!

Yes folks... whole heap of new releases and pre-releases came in... hear them first on this Roots-Edition of Ackee & Saltfish:

* FREDDIE MCGREGOR - Comin' In Though
* CHAKULA - Hardcore Reggae
* JOHN BROWN'S BODY - Pressure Points

=> Make sure not to miss Julian Marley live - that's on May 31st @ Szene Wien!

Can't say you've never been warned, can you?

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Barry Isaacs - Strictly Roots (One Of The Emperor Son / Twinkle Rec.)
Barry Isaacs - Strictly Roots Dub (One Of The Emperor Son / Twinkle Rec.)
Freddie McGregor - Lock It Down (Comin' In Though / VP Rec.)
Morgan Heritage - Jah Comes First (Full Circle / VP Rec.)
Julian Marley - Systems (A Time And Place / Tuff Gong Rec.)
=> Sound so nice, had to play it twice