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Electric Tabou

The Sound of the 80ies compiled by SIRIUS & DARKTUNES...
New Wave/New Romance/HI-NRG/PostDisco and PopDance!

1)OMD"Genetic Engineering"(12"-Version/1983)
2)Pet Shop Boys"Two Divided By Zero"(LP/"Please"/1986)
3)Moral Support"Living With Passion"(12"/The Big Escape-
On The Run/1988)
4)Chris And Cosey"Hazey Daze"(LP/"Reflection"/1985)
5)Frankie Goes To Hollywood"Relax"(12"/Sex Mix No.1/83)
6)Robert Palmer"Johnny And Mary"(LP/"Clues"/1980)
7)Ronnie Urini & The Last Poets"Nobody Helps Me"
(LP/"Child On Sunrise, Creature Of The Moon"/1985)
8)Ideal"Blaue Augen"(LP/1980)
9)Soft Cell"The Art Of Falling Apart"(LP/1983)
10)Modern Rocketry"Cuba Libre"
(2xLP/"12 By 12-Half A Decade"/V.A./Re-Edited Versions/
11)Michael Cretu"Samurai"(12"/Long V./1985)
12)Janet Jackson"Nasty"(12"/Ext./1986)
14)Grace Jones"Slave To The Rhythm"(12"/Ultimix By Bradley
15)Split Enz"The Choral Sea"(LP/"True Colours"/1980)
16)Art Of Noise"Legacy"(12"/Ext.V./1986)
17)Vera"Love Comes Easy"(12"/Remix/1984)
18)Funkmeister"War Dance"(12"/The Debauch Mix/1984)
19)Dead Or Alive"Do It"(LP/"Sophisticated Boom Boom"/1984)
20)ABC"Tears Are Not Enough"(12"-Version/1981)
21)Company B"Fascinated"(12"/Club Mix/1987)
22)Human League"Hard Times"(12"-Version/1981)
23)Thomilla"Slap The Bitch"(12"/A-Side/WhiteLabel)
24)The Film"Can You Trust Me"(2xLP/V.A./"Headman-Dance
Modern"/Yuksek Remix)
25)Toyah"She"(LP/"The Blue Meaning"/1980)
26)Weltschmerz"Sehnsucht aus Beton"(LP/1982)
27)Gary Numan"This Prison Moon"(LP/"Warriors"/1983)
28)Fad Gadget"Collapsing New People"(12"/Berlin Mix/83)
29)A Flock Of Seagulls"Over The Border"(LP/"Listen"/83)
30)Kelly Page"Morning Music"(12"/Long Version/1983)
31)Prince"1999"(12"/Long V./1982)
32)Spandau Ballet"Chant No.1"(2xLP/V.A./"The Kings Of Disco
Part A"/US Remix By Joey Negro)
33)Cabaret Voltaire"The Crackdown"(LP/1983)
34)John Sex"Rock Your Body"(12"/Outrageous/1988)
35)V.A."Punk Out"(12"/Mix By Lenny Coraci/Side A/1983)
36)Hazel O'Connor"Monsters In Disguise"(LP/OST/"Breaking
37)Yazoo"Nobody Diary"(12"-Version/1983)
38)Marc Almond"Ruby Red"(EP/"Stained"/1986)
39)Rainbow Connection"Bye Bye Programm"(EP/"Weightless In