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Jan. IV

The history in dancmusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

NEON"Voices"(LP/"Greatest Beats"/1988/Target)
MASAMI TSUCHINYA"Kafka"(LP/"Rice Music"/1982)
SHEMALE"Dead City Photographs"(LP/"Hell Transformations Screens"/2011/LKT)
STRESS"Flucht aus der Disco"
FRIVOLOHS"Forget The Funk"(EP/"Midnight Black Indulgence"/2007/Scape)
ELECTRIBE 101"Tell Me When The Fever Ended"(12"/Original Long Version/1989)
DJ HELL"Music For Films"(Oriinal/DiscoB)
MISS NUDE"Taste My Acid Fruit"(12"/Original/1988/Kaos)
D - TRAIN"Your The One For Me"(Scorpios Bronx Bound Remix)
HOUSE OF ROBOTS"You Want Me - ohh Baby"(Dreamland Records)
1000 OHM"Berlin 33"
VA/"Chicagotrax Megamix"(12"/Floor Smoker Mastermix By Mic Mac Meyers/Trax)
LISA"I Thank You"(12"/VA/Remix&Add.Synthesizers By Steve Algozino/1982/Hot Tracks)
DISCO LIGHT ORCHESTRA"Boogie Rhythm For You"(12"/1980)
"Macumba"(12"/J.Chingas&Herb Peters Edit/Spacemachine Rec.)
HAMLET MINASSIAN"Ai-Ai Hey Veh Hey Veh"(Long Version)
OLYMPIC UNION AND THE ATHENIANS"Zorbas Dance"(LP/"Zorbas Disco Dancing"/1978)
LUKE"Multi-Synth"(7"-B Side)
NEW YORK CITY BAND"Sometimes"(LP/OST/1978/Casablanca)
BRAISE CENDAR"Leves Toi Et Marches"
VA"Oldie Medley No.1"(12"/Disco Tracks)
DERSO"Love Safari"
VA"Numero Uno"(12"/Mixed By Jellybean/1981/ITS Rec.)

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