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The best of the golden DiscoTunes of the 70ies...compiled

1)Alain Chamfort"Bebe Polaroid"(LP/"Poses"/1979)
2)O.K.Santiago"Summer In The City/Very Hot"(12"/Disco
3)Johnny Wakelin"In Zaire"(12"-Version/1976)
4)Sarr Band"Magic Mandrake"(12"-Version/1978)
5)Zoe"Don´t Stop Me(Dancing)"(12"/Disco Mix/1977)
6)S.S.O."Tonight´s The Night-Disco"(LP/1975)
7)First Choice"Love Thang"(12"/Spec.Stuart Patterson &
Chris Bangs Ext. Re-Edit/Salsoul/2004)
8)Andre Brasseur"Delta Experience"(LP/"Experience")
9)Daniel Samuleka"Stay As You Are"(12"/1977)
10)Narada Michael Walden"Tonight I´m Alright"(LP/"The Dance
Of Life"/1979)
11)Two Man Sound"Que Tal America"(2xLP/V.A./"Disco Forever"/
Dimitry From Paris Re-Edit)
12)Rockie Robbins"Miss Dynamite"(LP/1979)
13)Isaac Hayes"Shaft II"(LP/"For The Sake Of Love"/A Jim
Burgess Mix/1978)

14)David Shire"Salsation"(2xLP/V.A./OST/"Saturday Night
15)Patti LaBelle"Teach Me Tonight-Me Gusta Tu Baile"(LP/
16)Conquest"Give It To Me(If You Don´t Mind)"(LP/V.A./
"Prelude Mastermix Vol.5")
17)Louis Lesther"Deshabille Moi"(12"/Long Version/1979)
18)Cerrone"Not Too Shaby"(12"/Long Version/1979)
19)Patrick Hernandez"Disco Queen"(12"/Long Version/1979)
20)Yellow Magic Orchestra"Computer Game"(12"/Re-Edit/
Ballroom Records)
21)Sparks"Beat The Clock"(EP/V.A./Very Long Remix/Hom Rec.)
22)Sylvester"Fever"(LP/"Sell My Soul"/1980/Fantasy)
23)Transvolta"Disco Computer"(12"/Re-Edit/2005/Automan 15)
24)Missa Disco"Agnus Dei"(LP/1979)
25)Mike Theodore Orchestra"The Bulls"(LP/"Cosmic Wind"/
1977/Westbound Rec.)
26)Jackie Moore"Can You Tell Me Why"(LP/"I´m On My Way"/79)
27)Magick Edit Allstars 04"Space´n´Dance"(EP/Kobu Edit/05)

28)Magick Edit Allstars"Dance In A Daze"(EP)
29)Biddu Ft.Nazia Hassan"Disco Deewane"(LP/Part 1/1980)
30)Ecstasy"Pas Ce Soir Josephine"(LP/1979)
31)Giorgio"In My Wildest Dreams"(LP/"E=MC2"/1979/Oasis)
32)Branjo Sound"Cock A Doodle Do"(LP/"I Wanna Dance Bump"/
33)Darcus"It´s Got To Be Love"(12"/Long V./1977)
34)LaBelle"Messin´With My Mind"(LP/"Phoenix"/1975)
35)Moxie"Karnemelk The Lynn Soul Anthem)"(12"/B1/Moxie 006)
36)Pierre Perfall"Leading Lover"(12"/Long Version/Uniwave)
37)Player 2"Privacy"(12"/2005/Automan 15)
38)Leonore O´Malley"Boogie Dancer"(LP/"First Be A Woman"/80)
39)Baby O"In The Forest"(12"/Long V./1980)
40)Long John Baldery Ft.Kathi McDonald"Come And Get Your
41)Disco Symphony Orchestra"Allegros"(12"/1977)
42)Rimshots"Super Disco"(7"/1976/Platinum)

The Special At The Discotheque Edition:

43)Ganymed"Dancing In A Disco"(12"/1979/METROPOL-BERLIN)
45)Dogs Of War"Space Conqueror"(LP/1977/CENTRAL 7-PARIS)
46)Black Devil"H Friend/Timing, Forget The Timig/One To
Choose"(LP/"Disco Club"/1978/CENTRAL 7-PARIS)
47)Phyllis Nelson"Don´t Stop The Train"Mix By Bradley D.
John Miles"Slowdown"(12"/Edit By Bradley D.Hinkle/1976/
(12"/Ultimix Flashback Vol.1/No.1)
48)Don Ray"Got To Have Loving"(12"/Long V./1978/LE PALACE-
50)The Good, The Bad & The Funky"Farah"(12"/Spec.Vocal
Disco Mix/1977/STUDIO 1-LOS ANGELES)
51)Michael Jackson"You Can´t Win"(2xLP/V.A./OST/"The Wiz"/
52)First Choice"Dr.Love"(12"/A Spec.Remixed Version By
Shep Pettibone/1986/RamsHorn/PARADISE GARAGE-NEW YORK)
53)D.D.Sound"Let´s Share Love"(LP/"Tonight At The Disco"/
1977/Baby Rec./EASY GOING-ROMA)

Recommended Movies:
1)A TV Dante(UK1989/R:Peter Greenaway/mit John Gielgud,
Bob Peck, Susan Wooldridge)
2)Showgirls(USA/F 1995)(R:Paul Verhoeven/mit Elizabeth
Berkley, Gina Geshon, Kyle MacLachlan)
3)Phantasm II(USA1988)(R:Don Coscarell/mit Angus Scrimm
as "Tall Man", James LeGros, Reggie Bamister)
4)City On Fire-City Inferno(USA1978)(R:Alvin Rakoff/mit
Henry Fonda, Leslie Nielsen, Barry Newman, Ava Gardner,
Shelley Winters)
5)100 Jahre(1980-1999)(ZDF-Dokumentation/Leitung:Guido
6)La Malediction De Frankenstein(aka Eine Jungfrau in den
Krallen von Frankenstein aka The Erotic Rites Of
Frankenstein)(E1972/R:Jess Franco/mit Howard Vernon,
Lina Romay, Dennis Price)
7)High Tension(Haute Tension)(F2003/R:Alexandre Aja/mit
Cecile De France, Maiwenn, Philippe Nahon)
8)Orgasmo Nero("Voodoo Baby" aka "Sesso Nero")(I1980/
R:Joe D'Amato/mit Susan Scott, Lucia Ramirez, Richard
9)Foltergarten der Sinnlichkeit("Emanuelle E Francoise
Le Srelline")(I1976/R:Joe D'Amato/mit George Eastman,
Rosemarie Lindt, Annie Carol Edel)
10)Nocturna(USA1978/R:Harry Tampa/mit Nai Bonet, John
Carradine, Yvonne De Carlo)
11)Female Trouble(USA1974/R:John Waters/mit Divine, David
Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole, Edith Massey)
12)Studio 54(USA1998/R:Marc Christopher/mit Ryan Phillippe,
Neve Campbell, Mike Myers)

All I Want Is 2 Forget & Dance!!!

Cosmic Love & Kisses From SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...