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radia: From the Archives of a Lunatic /// radia DA: festival 'shut up and listen!'

RADIA: From the Archives of a Lunatic (Radio Lemurie files) ///// radia DA: festival für hörspiel, klangkunst und akusmatische musik im dietheater konzerthaus

From the Archives of a Lunatic (Radio Lemurie files)
short sample from the workshop files and sound archives managed by the Art project Lemurie TAZ operating in Prague. Melange of sound files was chosen by an imaginary mascot a night creature named Lemorona who browsed through the dusty boxes full of tapes, records and cassettes..

includes: J.S.Bach Goldberg variations 6:09 min, origin unknown, "It is no recital at all". 12 min a 8 min - fragment from the sound mini workshop at The Fine Art Academy Brno. includes voice and sounds by Filip Nerad and Monika Fricova.
recorded, composed and edited by Ladislav Zelezny. member of the lemurie brotherhood

radia DA: Interview mit Bernhard Gál und Ernst Reitermaier.
achtung: das festival wird morgen, freitag 5.7.06 von 21:00 bis 22 uhr live aus dem dietheater konzerthaus auf radio orange uebertragen! http://www.sp-ce.net/sual