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Dancehall Edition

Buju Banton Special & Rototom Updates!!!

Rototom is only a few days away and so we will present a you the latest updates. We will also present you several artists that will perform on the festival.
Once again the festival takes place in Osoppo, Italy between the 7th and the 15th of July. Ackee & Saltfish really recommends this festival because it is really unique in Europe: great artists, relaxed atmosphere and a lot of fun for sure!

Furthermore we will try to bring you in the right mood for an extrordinary live-performance: Buju Banton will play a concert in Reigen for the very first time in Austria on the 2nd of july!!! You can expect several of his best songs and some personal information about him.

Besides these two highlights you have the chance to listen to some of Martin Jondo´s new tunes from his new album "Echo & Smoke".

After this show the Dancehall Edition will take a three weeks break. In the meantime you will get the latest and best roots vibes by Tom in the Roots Edition! So don´t stop listening!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Buju Banton ft.Garnet Silk - Complaint (Til Shiloh / Island)
Buju Banton - Paid Not Played (Friends For Life / Penthouse)
Buju Banton - Me And Oonu (Wipe Out Riddim / Danger Zone)
Buju Banton - Ride This (RiddimDriven: Sleepy Dog / VP)
Assassin - As A Man (RiddimDriven: Sleepy Dog / VP)
Assassin - Serious Thing (Gangsta Rock Riddim / Birchill)
I Wayne - Rastafari Liveth (Lava Ground / VP)
I Wayne - Living In Love (Lave Ground / VP)
Luciano - Hear What i Say (Hard Times Riddim / Gibbo)
Capleton - That Day Will come (Reign Of Fire / VP)
Martin Jondo - Rise Up (Echo & Smoke / Homeground)
Martin Jondo - Are You Really Waiting (Echo & Smoke / Homeground)
Martin Jondo ft.Gentleman - Clearly (Echo & Smoke / Homeground)
Raggabund - Battyman Tunes (Erste Welt / Soulshine)
Jamaram - I & I (Ooku Chaka / Soulfire)
Jamaram – Beautiful Day (Ooku Chaka / Soulfire)
Geoffrey Star - Number 1 (Rootdown Jamaica)