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Roots Edition

New Release Round-Up

Welcome to another Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish - the programme that aims to present the freshest Reggae-music hot off the press... and this show is no exception: Hear great new releases from Groundation, Iriepathie, newcomer Sebastian Sturm and Jahcoustix. Enjoy the vibes!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Lee Perry - I Am A Psychiatrist (Panic In Babylon / Narnack)
Noiseshaper - Jah Dub (The Signal / Different Drummer)
John Brown's Body - Full Control (Pressure Points / Easy Star)
Groundation - Ratant Crow (Upon The Bridge / Nocturne)
Groundation - Upon The Bridge (Upon The Bridge / Nocturne)
Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - Salam Aleikum (Grounded / Modernsoul)
Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood - Musical Soldier (Grounded / Modernsoul)
Sebastian Sturm - Soldierman (This Change Is Nice / Rootdown)
Sebastian Sturm - Time (This Change Is Nice / Rootdown)
Sebastian Sturm - This Change Is Nice (This Change Is Nice / Rootdown)
Iriepathie - Wieso (Niemals Aufgeben EP / Universal)
Iriepathie - One Love We Need 2006 (Niemals Aufgeben EP / Universal)
Iriepathie - Lang Her (Niemals Aufgeben EP / Universal)
Chetenge - Over Fifty (Pre-Release/ Tad's Inc.)

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