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Sendung vom 24.02.2007 19:00:

Dancehall Edition

!!!Win Tanya Stephens Concert Tickets & CDs!!!

The Dancehall Crew is proud to present you the first highlight of 2007: the big Tanya Stephens Special!

As Tanya Stephens will play a concert in the Szene on the 27th of February we will try to gst you in the right mood! So we will play tunes of her latest album "Rebelution" and a few oher greatest hits.

However we have even more to offer than just a few Tanya Stephen's tunes. You will have the chance to WIN 2 x 2 TICKETS for the TANYA STEPHENS' CONCERT in the Szene on the 27th of February! It will be an amazing concert - that's for sure!

Furthermore you have also the chance to WIN one of two TANYA STEPHENS' "REBELUTION" CDs!

Besides this Tanya Stephens Special with the great give aways we will play several new riddims!

Don't miss the show - you would regret it!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Kiprich - Trust Nothing After Dark (Top Flosssing Riddim / Energy Beat)
Groundation - Dub Rise (Dub Wars / Nocturne)
Nosliw - Raus (Musik EP / Rootdown)
Leo's Den - Zeit (Independent & Imancipated / Leo's Den)
Ricie Spice - Open The Door (In The Streets of Africa / VP)
Movado - Hypocrites (Zulu Riddim / Trackhouse)
Anthony B feat. Turbulence - Real Warriors (Higher Meditation / Greensleeve)
Luiciano - Stay Away (Serious times / VP)

Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity (Gangsta Blues / VP)
Tanya Stephens - Put It On (Rebelution / VP)
Tanya Stephens - To The Limit (Rebelution / VP)
Tanya Stephens - The Other Cheek (Gangsta Blues / VP)

Morgan Heritage - Brooklyn and Jamaica (Statement Riddim / Juke Boxx)
Chuck Fender feat. Cherine Anderson – Coming Over (Ghetto Blues Riddim / Birch)
Conrad Crystal feat. Sugar Roy – No Apology (Ghetto Blues Riddim / Birch)
Beenie Man – Product Of The Ghetto (Fire Links Records)