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L´ORDRE ET LE CHAOS! Electric Tabou Presents DJ DELERIUM!

NOW ITs DARK Presents L Ordre Et Le Chaos (23rd/24th Oct.2007) midnight

Lots of Darktunes, GothicRock and Industrialsounds with our special DJ-Guest
DELERIUM(L Ordre Et Le Chaos)...

1)ALEC EMPIRE"20"(LP/"Low On Ice(The Iceland Sessions)"/1995)
2)JERRY GOLDSMITH"Broken Ice"(LP/OST/"Damien-The Omen II"/1978)
3)CHRISTOPHER YOUNG"Looking Through A Woman"(LP/OST/"Hellbound-
Hellraiser II"/1989)
4)NINE INCH NAILS"Hurt"(2xLP/"The Downward Spiral"/1994)
5)EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN"Zuckendes Fleisch"(2xLP/V.A./"Verschwende Deine
6)REVOLTING COCKS"Da Ya Think Im Sexy"(12")
7)CHRISTIAN DEATH"The Divine Enigma"(2xLP/V.A./"Gothic Rock 2")
8)DEPECHE MODE"Fly On The Windscreen-The Final"(LP/"Black Celebration"/86/Mute)
9)CASSANDRA COMPLEX"One Millionth Happy Customer"(LP/"Work 1.0"/EBM Mix/
10)SOFT CELL"Sex Dwarf"(2xLP/V.A./"Robot Dancing Volume 2"/Re-Edit/2005)
11)REC"Hanging Someone In Effigy"(2xLP/V.A./"Touched By The Hand Of Goth")
12)MICHAEL NYMAN"Angelfish Decay"(LP/OST/"A Zed & Two Noughts"/1985)
14)TOYAH"Victims Of The Riddle(Vivisection)"(LP/"Sheep Farming In Barnet"/79/Safari)
15)A SPLIT SECOND"Rigor Mortis"(3xLP/V.A./"Black Box-The First 13 Years"/WaxTrax!)
16)PLACEBO"Black-Eyed"(LP/"Black Market Music"/2000)
17)LIDFROST"That I May Drink, And Leave The World Unseen"(LP/"Autumn Departure")

Hallo,Ihr Lieben!

Hiermit hat´s-Sorry.ein bißle verspätet-meine Playlist von letzten Di/Mi,Radio Orange!

REUTOFF: Arcane of the book of notions (GUS,5.99, DoCD "Ten Years of Madness-Behind the Iron Curtain",Compilation,88-02) 824
NOISEX: The day after (D, DoCD "Ant-hology",The 5th Anniversary Compilation,98) 439
ANENZEPHALIA: Abiding broadcast contamination (D, 4CD "Tesco Heavy Electronics II), live 10/13/95,Ballroom/D-Esterhofen 529
CONDOM/THE GREY WOLVES: Victory thru violence (UK, 4CD "Tesco Heavy Electronics II), live 10/14/95,Kasino/D-Duisburg 550
SKALPELL: Spark of life (CH, "In between",97-02) 755
XENONICS k-30: Dysplastoid (USA-Tuscon,AZ, "Automated bionetic combat systems",02) 731
SLOGUN: Moments&mine (USA-Brooklyn, "The sound of sadism",Compilation) 550
GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ: Slicing the ionosphere" (D/CDN, "H.A.A.R.P.".9/27/02) 736
CREPUSCULE: Dark hearts (USA-Mt Vernon,MO, "Death Odors II",Compilation,97) 435
SKINCRIME: Hatred of the flesh (USA-Concord,NH, "Transmission of hatred",Compilation) 606
BAD SECTOR: Burst (I,2-3.02, DoCD "Ten Years of Madness-Behind the Iron Curtain",Compilation,88-02) 506
REPTILICUS: recorded live whilst the strongest earthquake since the last 30 years in ISL-Reykavik,Nat´l Holiday,1/9/98,4am!!! 357
TAINT: Victim´s family (USA-Waco,TX, "The sound of sadism",Compilation) 443
KEIMVERBREITUNG: Antroterapique (I-Palermo, "Death Odors II",Compilation,97) 452

VROMB: Au dessus du sol (CDN-St Hubert,Quebec, DoCD "Ant-hology",The 5th Anniversary Compilation,98) 1058
FIR§T LAW: HallWay VIII (D,4.99, DoCD "Ten Years of Madness-Behind the Iron Curtain",Compilation,88-02) 813
SKALPELL: Wasserleiche (CH,"In between",97-02) 651