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Special Edition

"Daddy" U-Roy - the famous Deejay teams up with other legends

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

U-Roy+ Dennis Brown- Half Me Get(Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+Third World& Pierpoljak- Attention (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Horace Andy- Money (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Israel Vibration- Same Vibe (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Dennis Brown+& Cheb Aissa- Half 3 The Hard Way (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Berres Hammond- Serious Matter (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Dennis Brown- When Jah Come (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Horace Andy- Bass Power (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Gregory Isaacs& Dennis Brown- Night Nurse (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Jimmy London& Manu from Baobab- Love Fe Me 3 The Hard Way (Serious Matter/Mideya)
U-Roy+ Errol Dunkley+ Flabba Holt- Ok Fred (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+ Anthony B - Equal Rights (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+ Psalms- Dreamland (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+ Horace Andy- Come On Come On (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+Brinsley Forde from Aswad- Coming Home (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+ Mighty Diamonds- I Need A Roof (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+ Rod Taylor- Run Run (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+ Sugar Minott- Wanted (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+ Max Romeo- Material Man (Now/Beatville Records)
U-Roy+ Nambo Robinson, Sly&Robbie+ Taxi Gang- Nyabinghi Chant (Now/Beatville Records)