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ELECTRIC TABOU - I Hate RockNRoll Volume 2 Starring MR.PINK + OSKAR FISCHER!

ELECTRIC TABOU - I Hate RockNRoll Vol.2 Ft. MR.PINK + OSKAR FISCHER (13th/14th May 08)

Forthcoming week at Now Its Dark midgnight-programm there will be MR.PINK who brings us a very interesting set of his favorite sure that we do not hate RockNRoll...
Deplus OSKAR FISCHER presents us some tracks of his non-conventional works!!!

1)PATTI SMITH"Free Money"(LP/"Heroes"/1975)
2)THE PARTISANS"Killing Machine"(2xLP/V.A./"No Future"/CaptainOi!)
3)DISCIPLINA KICME"Dobos Sedam Puta"(LP/"Ja Imam Sarene Oci!"/1984)
4)BUZZCOCKS"Time Up"(10"-EP/V.A./"Short Circuit-Live At Electric Circus"/1978)
5)STIFF LITTLE FINGERS"Nobodys Hero"(LP/"Hanx!"/Live/1980)
6)THE ATTACKED"Get Out Of Me Sight!"(Split-LP/"The Attacked-Spiky Joys"/KnockOut)
7)SEX PISTOLS"Sub-Mission"(LP/"Never Mind The Bollocks"/1977)
8)DAGGERS"Violence And Pain"(2xLP/V.A./"Blitz Hits")
9)THE VARUKERS"I Dont Wanna Be A Victim"(LP/"The Punk Singles 1981-1985"/
10)SONIC YOUTH"Disappear"(LP/"Goo"/1990)
11)SID VICIOUS"My Way"(LP/"Sid Sings"/Live Version/1979)
12)DEMON PREACHER"Little Miss Perfect"(2xLP/V.A./"Small Wonder"/CaptainOi!)
13)OPERATION IVY"Take Warning"(LP/"Energy"/LookRec.!)
14)HOT DAMN!"Bitch With An Attitude"(LP/"In High Heels Slut"/1995/HellYeah)
15)ELEKTRICNI ORGAZAM"Dokolica"(LP/"Najbolje Pesme"/1980-1988)
16)BROKEN BONES"Iron Maiden"(LP/"Them Bones"/1984/Fallout-Jungle)
17)CONFLICT"Young Parasites"(LP/"Its Time To See Whos Who"/2002/Get Back-
18)PLASMATICS"Sex Junkie"(EP/"Metal Priestess"/Live Version/1981/PVC)
19)ULTRAVOX"Rockwrock"(LP/"Three Into One"/1977)
20)THE CRAMPS"(Hot Pool Of)Womanneed"(LP/"A Date With Elvis"/1986/BigBeat)
21)FOOLS DANCE"The Collector"(EP/"Theyll Never Know"/1987/Prism)
22)JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS"Bits And Pieces"(LP/"I Love RockNRoll"/1982)
23)WARNING"Wasted Dream..."(7"-EP/"Protest And..."/TribalWarRecords)
24)BERURIER NOIR"La Danseuse De LOrient"(LP/"Souvert Fauche Toujours Marteau"/

25)PSYCHIC TV"Lies And Then"(2xLP/"Ptv 3 Hell Is Invisible-Hell Her/E"/2007/Green +
Yellow Vinyl/Sweet Nothing)
26)IGGY POP & THE STOGUES"Penetration"(LP/"Raw Power"/1973)
27)SUZI QUATRO"Shakin All Over"(LP/1973)
28)MUD"The Cat Crept In"(7"/1974)
29)IDEAL"Rote Liebe"(LP/1980)
30)CARRIE NATIONS"Find It"(LP/OST/V.A./"Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls"/1970)
31)T.REX"King Of The Rumbling Spires"(LP/"Ride A White Swan")
32)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Christine"(LP/"Kaleidoscope"/1980)
33)THE DAMNED"Disco Man"(7"/1981)
34)HAZEL OCONNOR"Who Needs It"(LP/OST/"Breaking Glass"/1980)
35)LYDIA LUNCH"Lost World"(EP/"Smoke In The Shadows"/2006)
36)WALL OF VOODOO"This Way Out"(LP/"Dark Continent"/1981)
37)JOY DIVISION"Day Of The Lords"(LP/"Unknown Pleasures"/1980)
38)MOLOTOW SODA"Kalte Augen"(LP/"Keine Traeume"/1989/KnockOut)
39)THE STRIKE"Victim"(LP/V.A./"Oi!Oi!Thats Yer Lot!"/GetBack)
40)SHOCK TROOPS"No Friend Of Mine"(LP/V.A./"Oi!Lets Go Canada"/1998/Rhythm
41)HOT DAMN!"High Heels Slut"(LP/1995/HellYeah)
42)THE UNSEEN"Theres Still Hope"(LP/"Totally Unseen"/Step-1 Music/PictureDisc)
43)TERMINAL CHEESECAKE"Obscured"(LP/"Pearlesque Kings Of The Jewmost"/1992/
44)CHRISTIAN DEATH"Chimere De-Si De-La"(LP/"The Heretics Alive"/1989/Jungle)
45)MALARIA"Kaempfen und siegen"(LP/OST/V.A./"Kalt wie Eis"/1981/Reflektor)

The Playlist of MR.PINK will follow...