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Roots Edition

... Roots Reggae and Dub Music from Around the World ...

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Dezarie - Strengthen Your Mind (Gracious Mama Africa)
Jah Levi & The Higher Reasoning - Freedom (Praise Him)
Tiger HiFi - King Of My Castle (Tiger HiFi)
Professor Skank - Industrial Democracy (Industrial Democracy)
Mr. Anonymous feat. Michael Rose - Atmosphere (Mr. Anonymous)
Africa Unite - Gigante / Notti Dub (In Dub)
Dub Guerilla - Lector Island (Dub Guerilla)
Alpha Blondy - Sankara (Jah Victory)
Israel Vibration - Ambush (On The Rock)
Israel Vibration - Danger (Dub The Rock)
DubXanne - Driven To Dub (Police In Dub)
Gomba Jahbari - Ruff & Rebel (Conviccion)
Gomba Jahbari - Ruff & Rebel (Identidub)
Sebastian Sturm - Start It Today (One Moment In Peace)
Corey Harris - Cleanliness (Zion Crossroads)
Groundation - Sleeping Bag-O-Wire (Upon The Bridge)
Ziggy Marley - Be Free Dub (Love Is My Religion)