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Ersatz Radia # 262 : painè cuadrelli - ritmi di milano

Radia Season 22 :: Episode 262 - [www.radiopapesse.org] Ritmi di Milano - a sound portrait of Milan produced by Painè Cuadrelli - marks our official first entry as RADIA member.

Radio Papesse
launched the series with a work of Painè Cuadrelli and his soundwalk in Milan, the city Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna portraied in 1954 in 'Portrait of a city', the first electronic music piece ever recorded at the Milan's RAI Fonology Studios (Italian Radio and Television). As the oral narration is a primary key of this soundwork, Cuadrelli's portrait is much more about sounds and field recording; it was produced recording sounds in the city of Milano, Italy and manipulating it into a collage of small compositions and rhythms. The show is intended as a modified soundwalk, where pieces of real-world soundscape get transformed, cut'n'pasted, mixed and remixed, becoming something else, yet keeping the original texture.

Recordings were made in main spots of the city centre: Piazza del Duomo, Duomo (inside), Triennale Museum, Teatro dell'Arte, Parco Sempione, to name a few, in differents moments of the day and night.
No addictional sounds were used.