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NOW ITS DARK APRIL I (5th/6th 2011)

1)DONNA SUMMER"MacArthur Park(7"-Version/1978/Casablanca)
2)FLASHGUN CONNECTION"The Last Train Again/Where Are You Now?(12"/V.A./1982/DiscoCircus)
3)DESTINATION"Castles Suite"(LP/"From Beginning To End"/Butterfly/1979)
4)LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY"Catch Me On The Rebound"(LP/V.A./"Disco Madness"/A Walter Gibbons Mix/1978/Salsoul)
5)V.A."Continuing P.I.R. Medley"(LP/Incl.MFSB, Jocko, McFadden & Whitehead, Harold Melvin, Frantique, Philadelphia All Stars, Three Degrees/Mixed By Ben Liebrand/1982)
6)DISCO CIRCUS"In A Gadda Da Vida/Garden Of Eden"(LP/1978/
Album Version/Lollipop)
7)"Feel My Love"(EP/V.A./Dsco Dust Japan Volume 2/Redsoul Edit)
8)AMANDA LEAR"Lili Marleeen"(LP/"Rarities"/French/1979)
9)D.C.LaRUE"Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm"(12"-Version/1979/Casablanca)

11)HARLOW"Take Off"(LP/"Taking Off"/1980)
12)THE RICHARD HEWSON ORCHESTRA"What Shall We Do When The Discos Over?"(12"/Long Version/AVI)
13)GERTRUD STEIN"Blümchen"(7"/2010/Kernkrach)
14)MARX & SPENCER"Stay"(12"/Matic-Remix/1986/ZYX)
15)KINGS OF JAPAN"Love Makes You Crazy"(LP/"Future Of Mankind"/Echochamber)
16)AGENT SIDE GINDER"The Screams"(LP/"Irish Recording Tape"/2010/Klangarkivet01)
17)LENE LOVICH"Cats Away"(EP/"New Toy"/1981/Stiff)
18)"High Energy Classics"(2x12"/V.A./Incl.Bobby O, Divine, Donna Summer, Man Parrish.../Edited By Energy Hemstock/AMusicFactoryMasterMix)
19)EASY GOING"Baby I Love You"(LP/1978/Album Version)
20)EDDIE DRENNON"It Dont Mean A Thing"(LP/1978/Casablanca)
21)"Last Train To Oslo"(EP/V.A./Le Disco Snip Snip By Secret Bob/LobsterDisques)
22)THE DOCTOR EXX BAND"Mountain Funk"(LP/"Superman And Other Disco Hits"/1979/Pickwick)

Cosmic Love&Kisses...