Barbara Imhof

Barbara Imhof
SPACE SPECIALS is a unique European radio broadcast on Radio Orange focused around the subject of space. More specifically, the SPACE SPECIALS explore a wide range of space-exploration topics including design, architecture and biomimetics. The forum considers a multitude of perspectives and ideas such as engineering, art, architecture, design, space science, commercial spaceflight, psychology, psychiatry and human factors. Every now and then space-associated topics of terrestrial architecture, code controlled production and cutting edge technology is presented by selected interviewees.

In 2017 a special broadcast series about the First Antarctic Biennale was funded by The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.
In 2007 the broadcast was awarded with a special research fund by the Federal Austrian Chancellery of Arts .KUNST

SPACE SPECIALS is produced by Barbara Imhof, Susmita Mohanty and Waltraut Hoheneder.


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