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Political participation to listen in - Election programme focus on ORANGE 94.0

The so-called super election year 2024 is of course also a topic in the radio programme of ORANGE 94.0. Key issues for social cohesion are currently at stake - and not just in Austria. Who has the possibility to shape politics and how does participation work? What do the parties' election programmes actually mean if they are actually implemented? What demands are voices from civil society making beyond election campaigning and black-and-white painting?

Information, debates, interviews, statements - in the election focal points on ORANGE 94.0

Programme overview

Past emissions are available on the programme's website (follow the links below) or via the Cultural Broadcasting Archive.

Dienstag, 28. Mai

Mittwoch, 29. Mai

Donnerstag, 30. Mai

Freitag, 31. März

Samstag, 1. Juni

Montag, 3. Juni

Dienstag, 4. Juni

Mittwoch, 5. Juni

Donnerstag, 6. Juni

Freitag, 7. Juni

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