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Info sessions
You would like to know more about ORANGE 94.0 and find out if you want to become a radio producer?
Our info sessions are free of charge and provide an insight into our community radio and how to take part.

Basic Course Community Radio
To learn how to make radio - is the first step to your own radio show. Participation in the basic course is obligatory for all radio hosts who sign responsible for a programme. In the basic course you will learn how to record and produce a radio show and what you need to know about media and copyright law. In case you would like to participate in the basic course in English please get back to

Programme concept and trial production
Write down a sketch of your idea for your own radio programme. Below in the download section you can find guidelines for the concept.
The next step is the production of a trial edition which should give an acoustic impression of your idea. No worries, it doesn't need to be perfect! We are happy to provide the technical equipment and our pre-production studio.
Please note the document below including tips for your programme application.
Once the concept and trial show are finished, please send it to the programme committee: 
Concepts can be handed in via email or by snailmail (address details on our Contact page). We look forward to your proposal!

The next deadlines for concepts are
15 May 2024
20 September 2024
10 November 2024
Meetings of the programme committee are held two to three weeks after each deadline.

The programme committee checks if the concept is in line with the general guidelines of ORANGE 94.0 and decides whether the proposed programme will become part of the radio programme. As basis for this decision it also takes into consideration whether the programme idea and its execution are in accordance with the Charta of the Austrian Community Broadcasters and the Codex of the Austrian Press.

Once your concept is accepted the programme coordinator will get in touch with you to meet and agree on a broadcasting slot in our programme schedule. The next step is to sign the Broadcasting Agreement, a contract between you and ORANGE 94.0. The General Broadcasting Conditions apply for everyone who is involved in a radio show at ORANGE 94.0. 
All done? - Now it's time to bring your own radio show on air!

It might be the case that the programme committee approves with your programme concept as being in line with the radio's basic values, but thinks there are possibilities to improve the execution. In this case you will be supported by a coach or trainer before you can go on air.