Workshop: Radio Basics

Banner mit dem Text "Radio Basics  - radio production: 01.06. 10-18h // 02.06. 10-18h  media law: 07.06. 17-20h // 09.06. 10-13h" und der Grafik eines Mikros mit PlobschutzYou want to create your own radio show, podcast or want to join an already existing radio group? You would like to raise awareness on topics that are underepresented or you find important? Environment, culture, music, social injustice, LGBTQ+ are just a few to name.

To learn how to make radio is the first step!

With this special course Radio ORANGE offers you the opportunity to be part of the media production - regardless of your background. No experience or degree is required. This is a hands-on, practical course that aims to equip you with the knowledge to start and produce audio content yourself.

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About us

ORANGE 94.0 is Vienna's only Community Radio station und and has been contributing to media diversity in Austria since 1998. It is politically independent and does not broadcast any kind of advertisement. With 500 contributors and 150 shows ORANGE 94.0 is the biggest Community Radio station in the German speaking countries.

ORANGE 94.0 invites people of different backgrounds to broadcast their own shows. Currently volunteers produce their shows in 25 languages.

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